Who is melissa rycroft dating now

20-Nov-2017 02:54

Lean on old friends Rycroft brought Mesnick to meet her best friends during her hometown visit (her parents and brother didn't want to appear on camera), and their close-knit group acted a lot like family.When Rycroft returned home to Texas brokenhearted, those friends rallied around her—and brought her closer to Strickland, an ex-boyfriend with whom she'd broken up right before going on the reality dating show."I did get my start there," she said when the book came out.She also revealed that she hadn't seen or spoken to Mesnick since .Plus, they got a little fame and exposure from being on their shows, so it's really a win-win situation for all of them.

In May 2014, Kacie got married to Rusty Gaston, a music executive who she met while they were both out to dinner with friends at the same restaurant in 2012.I couldn't move to that place where I was okay and could move on with my life.