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The study concludes that though footprint dimensions can be used in the determination of sex, the HB index may not be utilized in sex determination from footprints."internal-use ball"), are small, marble-sized balls, usually hollow and containing a small weight, that roll around and are used for sexual stimulation (by insertion into the vagina).See more » This "SATC" episode "Take me out to the ball game" the season opener of season two, was a nice and funny opener in which it compares love, relationships, and sex to sports.As in sports and sex the ball bounces different ways.Of course this method of prediction is not anywhere near accurate because many variables apply to the length of a ball python: how well it’s been fed in the past, how its genetics play out, how big its meals are, etc., but if you only want an estimate, measuring its size is a decent way to guess.

The number 9 was worn by the late Roger Maris and retired by the Yankees in 1984.Revellers were encouraged to wear skimpy and risqué outfits and given free contraception at the event, which is supposed to promote safe sex and is organised by the University Guild, Exeter’s student union. The £80 VIP tickets entitled holders to a place at one of eight tables with private booths, provided with canapés and copious amounts of cocktails and other drinks.One student said at the time: ‘I think the message of safe sex is communicated but everyone is so drunk no one really takes any notice.’ The Guild has come under fire at Exeter for the latest incident.If you can’t be opulent in the run up to Christmas, when can you be? Recycle the blazer your mum bought you for your Oxbridge interview, throw on a top hat and if you’re taking the look really seriously, invest in a Scott Disick style cane.

Although there is a way of predicting whether an adult ball python is a male or a female by its size, this form of prediction is nowhere near perfectly accurate, as every ball python is different, and in combination with environmental factors, will grow to a unique size regardless of its gender.

Footprints were obtained from both feet of the study participants using standard techniques. The breadth of the footprint at ball (BBAL) and the breadth of the footprint at heel (BHEL) were measured on the footprints. The footprint measurements at the ball and heel were significantly larger in males on both the sides.