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The rooms are mainly single, double and triple beds with common bathrooms and toilets. There are also dormitories with 10-16 beds (mixed sex), each one of them have its own locker.

Area of hostel is covered with Wi-Fi internet connection, and in reception we have 2 computers available 24 hours/day.

Following the route taken by Czech kings before their coronation, it runs up to the castle and St Vitus's Cathedral, thus linking the august seats of religion and government with the labyrinthine district below where the lanes are narrow and steep, and the humble burghers' residences are tightly hemmed in.

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Instead, a miniature train will deliver your drinks right to your table.

Like most cities, Prague has their organized pub crawls, but do yourself a favor and skip it. Oh and don’t forget to c Let me start by saying that yes you must pre-game your DIY pub crawl. 1) There are so many bars to try in Prague in so little time, and 2) why not?

Vytopna is a perfect pre-game spot located in the popular Palladium mall, meaning you can grab a dashing outfit before your real pub crawl officially begins.

Harley’s Bar attracts the local crowd with the busiest days being Thursday-Sunday.

IN PRAGUE, in a district called Mala Strana ('the Little Quarter'), there is a street named after Jan Neruda.I can dance to all of today’s hits and still hear myself think.