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Eighth Beatitude When after all this the pious disciples of Christ are repaid with ingratitude and even "persecution" ( verse 10 ) it will be but a new blessing, "for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." So, by an inclusion, not uncommon in biblical poetry, the last blessing goes back to the first and the second.

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The very peculiar form in which Our Lord proposed His blessings make them, perhaps, the only example of His sayings that may be styled poetical -- the parallelism of thought and expression, which is the most striking feature of Biblical poetry, being unmistakably clear. Matthew runs as follows: As regards textual criticism, the passage offers no serious difficulty.

But they overlook the original meaning of Psalm , and unless, by a far-fetched expedient, they take the earth also to be a symbol of the Messianic kingdom, it will be hard to explain the possession of the earth in a satisfactory way.

Third Beatitude The "mourning" in the Third Beatitude is in Luke () opposed to laughter and similar frivolous worldly joy.

And here they are illustrated by the opposition of the four curses ( 24-26 ).

The fuller account and the more prominent place given the Beatitudes in St.

At least the proper place of such a blessing does not seem to be between mercy ( verse 7 ) and peacemaking ( verse 9 ), nor after the apparently more far-reaching virtue of hunger and thirst after justice.