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Try adding a small amount to a sauce to add thickness and depth of flavor, or mix it with mayo and spread on a sandwich.

Rocky mountain oysters aren't actually oysters at all — they're bull, pig or sheep testicles.

Cold-smoked kippers are herring that have been split open, salted and smoked at a low temperature.

The flavor is slightly fishy, but the predominant flavor is smoke.

Like other mollusks, geoducks have a delicate, clean, slightly salty flavor (like the ocean).

Try slicing the geoduck very thinly — since it can be chewy — and make a ceviche out of it, or add the meat to a creamy chowder.

Choosing a wrong knife is equivalent to choosing a wrong tool in a workshop.

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Try marinating the rocky mountain oysters first, then bread and fry them, or grill them until they're nicely charred.When you cook with it, you might want to blanch it to tone down the bitterness.