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15-Jul-2017 05:46

You might have practiced what to say to an attractive woman or man, but if your body language is screaming “insecure,” it’s not going to matter how confident you sound.If you want to come across as confident, attractive, and friendly, you have to give all the right physical signals. You won’t have to do anything extreme, like doing a rain dance in the middle of a bar or waiting for the person you’re interested in to have a cartoon moment of their heart popping out of their chest at you.If you want to be perceived a certain way, let your body language tell the story. Odds are, your body language says so and that attracts introverts who are intimidated by extroverts.On the other hand, if you want to be perceived a different way or want to feel more comfortable in what’s usually an awkward social situation, work on your body language.

Go out, socialize and let your body help you become the person you want to be. It’s about becoming the person you’ve always meant to be while attracting the right people and experiences to you. Long before you say “hi” your body is speaking volumes, but what words are you using?Once you understand a little about what your body is telling others, you’ll also learn to listen to all those subtle signs that someone’s interested in you.Even outside of relationships, the fine art of body language has the potential to change your life.

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You could have the courage to approach the person of your dreams or interview for the job you’ve always wanted.When you want someone to like you, try a few of these likeable signals from Lifehack.

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