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26-Dec-2017 04:29

Once the phone booted, it clearly wasn’t going to register against my PBX (as it’s still running SCCP firmware).So I placed the SIP firmware cmterm-7911_7906-sip.9-4-2SR1-1sgn back on the TFTP.However, this seemed to point to needing a different modem (such as the Draytek Vigor 13) to achieve the MPo A connection.Before I went and bought a new modem, I thought i’d try the BT Openreach/Huawei Echolife HG12.I didn’t think this was necessary with the “hard reset” technique, but found cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.8-5-2sgn and gave it a whirl….Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26016]: RRQ from filename term06.default.loads Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26017]: RRQ from filename jar11sccp.8-5-2TH1-9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26018]: RRQ from filename cnu11.8-5-2TH1-9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26019]: RRQ from filename apps11.8-5-2TH1-9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26024]: RRQ from filename dsp11.8-5-2TH1-9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26025]: RRQ from filename cvm11sccp.8-5-2TH1-9Instantly the phone picked up term06.default.loads and proceeded to pickup the other files!After moving from my home office to a real office I decided to downgrade my premium 80/20 business fttc connection (from claranet) to a residential 40/10 service from sky.Yesterday, the connection was changed over and I found myself with no internet.

In tftpd32 you don’t actually need to configure this option, the built in DHCP server automatically configures it to the hostname of the interface running the service. I was hoping the same process would be true for deployment to the reporting service, think again!

I initially thought it was because the pppoe username and password needed updating (tail /var/log/messages was showing a CHAP authentication error message) but I don’t recall ever being sent a username/password.

It was then I had a flashback to many years ago having to extract the details from a router/modem in order to use them in another device.

Entering an IP address in it’s normal format has definitely never worked (when I do a wireshark trace I can confirm this).

error updating locale cisco 7911-83

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I believe you’re supposed to use some hex format, but having tried this in several different formats i’ve still never managed to get it working.

Carried out another hard reset and again, the phone instantly picked up the new files; Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26726]: RRQ from filename term06.default.loads Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26727]: RRQ from filename jar11sip.9-4-2ES9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26729]: RRQ from filename cnu11.9-4-2ES9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26730]: RRQ from filename apps11.9-4-2ES9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26736]: RRQ from filename dsp11.9-4-2ES9Dec 30 localhost in.tftpd[26737]: RRQ from filename cvm11sip.9-4-2ES9I provisioned the phones in Free PBX but they seemed to get stuck in a cycle registering/updating locale/rebooting.