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Especially since this man abducted him and Nog in "In the Cards" and must have scared the hell out of him.Rating: 7 Stardate 51107.2: Sisko and his crew are stranded on a desolate planet, with Dax being wounded.Rather than being a logical choice at the time, I think it is a personal decision to engage in covert resistance, because Kira just can't stand being inactive any longer.When Kira and Odo give him a courtesy interview, Jake once again doesn't understand what is going on.Actually, I think of it a bit like the Hitler-Stalin Pact, with Bajor being their Poland. Dukat and Weyoun despise one another, and they do not even bother to coordinate very basic matters of the operation of the station.

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Does he truly expect Weyoun to honor the freedom of press?

I can understand her qualms about doing nothing, which seems to her like collaborating with the enemy.

But she knows that, given the circumstances, resistance may cause even more harm to her people.

The B-plot further builds up the tension on the occupied station.

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At the beginning Kira casually and lethargically enters a turbolift with Jem'Hadar. The suicide of Vedek Yassim on the Promenade changes her mind.To start with, I would have liked to see some big battle instead of a battered fleet of ugly kitbashes in the beginning.

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