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He slid down and began to lick my hot wet slit, and I was holding my breath to keep from screaming.I had thought I would be running the show, but I was under his power, and I loved it.It was the thickest cock I had ever had, and as it moved deeper, I loved the feeling even more.When I felt him begin to back out and in again, I knew it was the biggest I had ever had. please now." His thrusts grew harder, and I could feel his cock swell even larger as it finally burst forth with a flood of his hot semen that triggered yet another mind wrenching climax that left my pussy convulsing like never before. I could not judge but it felt and looked wonderful as it disappeared into my cunt!Well, after a few years of this, he began urging me to make my fantasy a reality.

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" My husband told me the news later that evening and he was shaking like a leaf. I was led from the bedroom to the living room where Bill was waiting. My husband told me later that after he left that all kinds of thoughts ran through his mind. Immediately I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass and I realized I was no longer nervous, but ready.

" He smiled, and we kissed long and hard as he felt my breasts and paid particular attention to my nipples, rotating one between his thumb and forefinger. I was sure someone would hear the slapping of our bodies as his cock drove deeper and deeper into my body. This was a pain-pleasure experience I had never dreamed possible. When I looked at the clock, it was pm, and Bill was asleep.