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07-Nov-2017 20:00

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You need to be considerate of the other person's time here in China.That is why it is important to show the other person the "real you" towards the beginning of the relationship.New Zealand citizens wishing to marry Chinese students should bear this in mind.It also should be noted that at least one school in Beijing has required Chinese students to reimburse the school for hitherto uncharged tuition and other expenses upon withdrawal from school to marry foreigners.(For example, some Chinese citizens have difficulty getting a “release" from their danwei to obtain the “certificate of birth" or the “certificate of marriageability").Marriages in China are conducted according to the laws of China, regardless of the nationality of those being married.If you do wish to have a New Zealand consular witness at a wedding you will liable for costs incurred, ie airfares, accommodation, per diems etc, as well an hourly charge-out rate for a consular officer.Non attendance by a consular officer does not affect the legality of the marriage.

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The Marriage Registration process may take anywhere from several days to several months to complete, depending upon how quickly the required documents are obtained.It is recommended that the couple dress up (coat and tie for the male). Certain categories of Chinese citizens, such as diplomats, security officials, and others whose work is considered to be crucial to the state, are not legally free to marry foreigners.Chinese students generally are permitted to marry if all the requirements are met, but they can expect to be expelled from school as soon as they do. The reason why foreign women are not interested in Chinese men is because most (not all) Chinese men are little pansies.

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New Zealand diplomatic and consular officers do not have the authority to perform marriages.