Christian advice for dating teenagers

20-Jun-2017 17:42

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There are reasons why the suicide rate of LGBTQ youth is several times higher that of cis-hetero teenagers.

Chief among those reasons, is professed pro-life Christians like Joe who can’t seem to find the sanctity in lives, people of Jesus who respond to their existence with disregard—who offer them no spirited protection, no passionate defense, no effusive words about being fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image.

He likely sees none of the hypocrisy that Terry sees. I wish more pro-life Christians could manufacture the slightest bit of reverence for the sanctity of LGBTQ lives; if they could muster a fraction of the compassion they so readily wield for what they claim God makes and breathes life into.

I often wonder if Joe knew which of the embryos in his think pieces and Facebook posts would one day come out in middle school, if he would still defend those as boldly as he does when they are simply an abstract idea. I wish people like Joe would passionately protect people like Terry instead of regularly injuring them.

Make any bowling trip more exciting by making or finding classic bowling team shirts for everyone to wear.

Create a funny team name and have each teen select a nickname to be used on the shirts and scorecard.

If you have an immediate prayer need, please call our 24-hour prayer line at 800-945-5640.

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Many teens are often so focused on technology; it can be a nice change of pace for teens to see what the great outdoors have to offer.

Teens love anything that involves competition, particularly if there are edible or monetary prizes for the winner.

Whether hosting a game night or planning for an after school program, there are many great cards and board games that should be included in any teen game collection.

Finding fun activities to engage teenagers can sometimes be a challenge.

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A little creativity, getting into the teen mindset, and asking teens for input can make planning activities fun and enjoyable for all., though he doesn’t feel quite that way in Joe’s presence. Joe spends a great deal of time talking about embryos on social media; about the sanctity of the life within them, about their priceless intrinsic worth, about the sin of those who would disrespect that precious, God-initiated life.

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