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Shelasky is candid about her misadventures and, in a charming touch, includes related recipes at the close of each chapter.”—BOOKLIST“Alyssa Shelasky’s unpretentious prose leaves us hungry for more.” –DAILY CANDY“Here’s your summer racy read with plenty of juicy gossip to keep a foodie’s interest.” –CHARLESTON POST & COURIER ALYSSA SHELASKY is the New York editor of Grub Street at New York magazine, as well as the creator of the blog Apron Anxiety (Apron

Here, we offer 10 reasons why online dating is worth a try for those looking for new love.

The men she meets aren’t in clubs or bars (“Honestly, I hate going out,” she insists), but on the street, in grocery stores, at coffee shops, in her building.“I literally have to go in search of guys because I can’t exactly write about the fact that my jeans feel tight.” Hmm.